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1996 Acura Integra K20a2 swap 5 Speed, RBC Intake, Ktuned header, AEM fuel pump , -6AN lines
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Thank you for this I had the same problem almost exactly the same from the #1 post
I spent 2 weeks just in forums reading and scrolling and searching..
I have 96 Integra with k20a2 5 speed running with PNF yes ECU has no reverse lockout my trans is 02 SI 5speed
RBC intake k20a2 TB and adapter
Finally, I find this in the kit car section soon as read your problem was wow that's exactly my issue.

The and those who are in the industry making parts, admins especially the OGS Thanks for all you d!!.
and the other car guys before me searching I know the irritation but read follow instructions you will
get it if any time possible have tablet do it in real-time so you can be on and work
101 - 102 of 102 Posts