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i have an 02 rsx-s with toda stage 1 cams, valve springs, retainers, kpro, the works. my check engine light came on the other day, the code was for the cam positioning sensor. my car died while driving and the thrown code seemed to affect my redline. i replaced both sensors and my car still wont start. i gotta floor it just to get it running, it idles around 1500 rpm then dies as soon as i take my foot of the throttle. were lookin into fuel flow issues right now. ive got an open carbon fiber hood so i thought maybe sum moisture mught have gotten down in there, guess not. popped of the valve cover last night, all looks good with the cams, they have maybe 10,000 miles on them. now im thinkin this may be a fuel prob because im not throwin the cam positioning sensor code any more(PO391 i believe) but the car still wont start and fuel pressure seems down. checkin the fuel pump, filter, and regulator today to see if fuel shortage is the issue. any ideas, has anyone had a prob like this before? i need help ASAP!!!! thanx :confused:
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