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rsx type s parts various ones

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1. block sensors have them all let me knwo what u need
2. rsx type s used water pump complete with pulley 10,000m miles on it $80
3. type s used crank pulley like new condition $40
4. type s thermostat housing with whole black tube with it $40
5. type s p/s pump $80
6. stock type s top header $50
7. engine harness missign some plugs but still good make offer
8. belt adjuster pulley $40
9. stock type s cat with downpipe $200 14k miles
10. stock type s primary and secondary 02 sensor $150 for primary and $100 for secondary
11. type s axles $300
12. type s ecu $240
13. type s block perfect jsut needs new pistons asking $700
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Do you have the type-s shifter box and cables???
typerman2001 said:
yeah expensive though both for $300
Yeah expensive but neccesary!! I'm trying to get the money up now. Do you have paypal??
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