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RSX type-S k20z3 swap

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Just wanted to start a thread about this swap. My swap was necessitated by blowing my motor. I found a cheap k20z3 motor and tranny with low miles for 2k. Motor mounts are exactly the same at least for 02-04. I have swapped the VSS sensor on the tranny. Local machine shop drilled out the hole for 40 bucks or u can buy an expensive large drill bit that u will never use again. There is a detailed post on this site on how to get the sensor to work. Just a tip if u try this, if u take the case apart to get the speed sensor gear on, make sure u put the reverse idler gear on the right side up. If u don't, when u get it all back together it will be stuck in reverse and u won't be able to get the gear selector back in. I have swapped all original sensors from my k20a2. some are the same but swapped them all just in case. I will post more info once i get everything put back together.
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@04rsxbase, the following may clarify your question already.

original Type S throttle body with a RBC intake manifold with the adapter.
You need an adapter plate, as these two TB's are not interchangeable. Not from control side, nor from mount side. Adapter plates are offered in the aftermarket.
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