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RSX Type S k20a type r ECU PINOUT

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Nikos is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you have the pinouts of the grey clip that goes from the chassis to the engine harness???
what did you use? all data? mitchell? looks alot like my mitchell pinouts i have.
Good Shit!!!! thanks
should put a sticky on this thread, thanks for the good and free info!!!!
Anyone have a RSX underdash harness and the o2 sensor harness and where the relays go and dash fuse box?

I will do a Easy to read and follow how to on Kswap wiring.
can someone help me on this, i need pinouts for theese
its to install an apexi RSM do disable speed governor

Speed 1 output
Speed 1 input
Just found this by searching google for Hondata ECM pinouts. Shame it doesn’t show up when searching within the site, would have saved me hours of searching!
Image does not work anymore.
I'll look if I downloaded at that time - I will post it back here if I did.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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