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Ok, so I know I am not the most recent member but I have sold to one person on here already and plenty on so maybe I can help you guys out as well. I am located in Atlanta, Ga and will be gald to meet locally or ship. Anymore questions feel free to ask via PM, Email or aIM
AIM: cloraxii
Email: [email protected]

Set of Front and Rear "JDM" red H's (RSX specific) SOld to a memeber on CRSX

K24 intake parts

Various mounts from a k24 and countless K24 exhaust manifolds

T1R (ep3 and RSX) inverted tie rod ends, one was mounted but never used. 0 miles on them. one of the nuts are missing, joys of letting people "inspect" things $90 shipped

K24a4 Intake mani $85 believe a sensor is missing off tb but everything else is there.

k20a3 stock Intake mani $75 (tb not included)

A3 timing chain (67k miles) $40

K24A1 came gears $75

sotck a1 fuel pump and sock, told it was new 9thrown in with a motor I bought) $85

K24 Fuel rails $40

I have other parts from k24s or the A3 so just ask if you don't see something you need. I hope to build a good seller rep with you guys.
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