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rsx dask in crx

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rsx dash in crx

We just swapped the k20a into a crx with the hasport mount kit. But we are also using the rsx dash. We have the dash in and it fits nicly with a lil trimming here and there. it is actually shorter in length than the crx dash but is deeper width wise. But with using the dash that means having to use the full rsx wiring harness. So that means having to use the gas tank also right?? in order to have the gauge read fuel? has anyone attempted this before?? we have the rsx gas tank installed but we had to cut out the floor to make it fit. Now we need to figure out a way to make everything look right, and also make it safe. Any help on anything would be appreciated hopefully i will get some pics up, so you can see exactly what we are attempting. thanks!
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you guys got those mounts quick... any engine bay shots?

what throttle cable are you guys using? where did you run the shifter cables thru? also what kinda radiator are you using? radiator hoses?
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