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Roll cage

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I am trying to determine if I want to with a Kirk bolt in cage or a S&W weld in. If I go with the weld in I will be having it welded by a master welder I know, however he has never done a cage. Am I opening myself up to a major headache if I go this route? I don't want to pay $2000 to have a professional cage builder make one. Either way they will be SCCA/NASA compliant. Would it be better to go with a bolt in? How is the fitment with a S&W?
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Thank you for your comments guys. $2k was just a number I threw out there, I know it will be more then than that based on what I have seen. My point was that I don't want to pay that much for one when I know that I can get a bolt in or weld in kit for much cheaper. I understand that a full custom would be the nuts, but I don't necessarily need that. I believe that the kit cages (bolt or weld) are just as safe as a custom. What you sacrifice is the perfect fit, which I am fine with.

That being said, I have seen the Kirk cages and I know they work well, but I have not seen a S&W, nor have I been involved with welding one in. Thats why I was wondering if it takes a skilled installer to fit a weld in kit together and have it be legal, or is fairly straight forward.

btw, I am in the Philadelphia area.
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Thats good advice. I talked to S&W today and the weld in kit is for a car with an interior, but they offer a custom cage that you weld in based off of measurements you provide. Seems simple enough, but never welding one in I can imagine that issues might arise when you actually go to fit it together.

I am plan to race in honda challenge and also SCCA so I need to have it meet both requirements. I've reviewed both GCRs and feel comfortable with the rules.

What kind of clearance is there typically between body and the cage?

Are you converting to 10 point for HC?
Can you define points? I don't know how many points mine is

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Points is basically how many contacts points the cage makes with the chassis. The points are located on mounting plates, each plate contains a point.
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