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So I have recently decided to do a K-swap into my 2000 Civic EX coupe. I recently picked up a K20Z1 long block for the sweet price of free.:) Can't beat that. The only bad thing about the motor is that it has a spun rod bearing. No big deal considering that I have zero dollars invested in it so far. This means that I will be building the motor for a Peakboost side mount turbo kit w/ a GT35RR turbo. The turbo kit should be here at the end of the month. Can't wait. In my old set-up I had their top mount kit on my built LS/VTEC. Just decided to go a different route this time.

I haven't really made any progress on my car or the motor untill today, when my friend and I started stripping both of our cars to do a right hand conversion. My friend Dylan has a 92 Civic CX hatch and of course my 00 coupe. We are starting on our projects together. He would like to put a K-swap into the hatch but the funding is not all there. His plans for the car at the moment are to do a wire and brake line tuck, RHD conversion, and paint the entire car. His front clip should be ariving at the shop in about two weeks. The plans for my car would include a built K20 swap, side mount turbo kit, full wire tuck, RHD conversion, 4 or 6 point cage (not sure yet), and a full paint job. No that being said lets look at some progress pictures of the cars.

Here are the cars as they sat this morning

No for the fun part of stripping everything out of the cars.

Dash coming out of the EG hatch

No for the stripping of my car.

The piles are adding up.

Here are some pictures of my old setup.

Ugly rust and water sitting in the hatch.

Thats all for now. I will be updating this thread as much as I can. Thanks for looking.

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Ok sorry for the late updates. My computer works when it wants to. Lol So a few updates since the last time I posted on here. Completely stripped the EG hatch out. Took all of the two pieces of sound deading out. My EK has about 12 pieces in it.

Thats me with my new hair cut. Business on top, party in the back!

Here is the sound deading that I have removed so far from the EK.

Pulled all of the wiring out in the EG including the engine harness. Also removed all of the brackets that hold the rear seat in both cars. We are going to fill in all of the holes in the rear half of the car.

Here is the K20Z1 that I got for free w/ the spun rod bearing.

Now for the good stuff. We recieved the EG half clip today at work. We bought it from Great customer service and they went the extra mile to include some extra goodies at no additional charge.:) I plan on purchasing my EK9 front clip next friday from them.:cool:

The shipper dropped it off in the middle of our cars.

Also we got one of the pods to keep all of our crap in it.

Getting excited to see what's under the package...

Getting closer to see the goods.

It looks so sweet. EG6 front clip.

Hope you all enjoy. We are stripping the half cut this weekend to get it ready for the conversion.:dance:
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