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cos its only a bare chassis, i would have thought that the chassis could have been imported in as spares. so u would avoid tax and all that hassle that comes with importing a jdm car.

heres someone who has done it

an extract from it

HT: Can you elaborate on how you found the car and then got it into the country?
BB: I had a friend in Japan at the time who told me about some cars for sale. Then I had to contact a few shipping companies. And I basically had the motor taken out [in Japan] and shipped the motor and car separately. The car comes over as parts only. The registration process is a gray area. It's not set in stone with any method. To be honest, there are a lot of loopholes in the system. For example, some insurance companies are very strict in regards to buying parts for your car. Say you're at a body shop, you have an RSX and the headlights are broken. Some insurance companies won't even let you get JDM headlights because they're not DOT-approved. But I was able to step through one of those loopholes and get the front [clip] here. Those headlights are not DOT-approved. Editor's note: Bacio declined to discuss the nuts and bolts of importing his ITR, citing a desire to keep that knowledge quiet, as well as admitting that there are several ways to do it - some of them shady. He does tell us that a popular Japanese tuner helped him broker the deal. If you go through the entire legal process legitimately, with the smog and emissions, by the time you're done it's not even worth it, especially if you're bringing over, say, an EG. That'll be 10-12 grand in the end. And the novelty wears off after awhile.
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