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Revving to 9.5k rpm

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If my cams are still making power at 9.5k rpm, what else would I need to rev that high? I currently have forged pistons, I-beam rods plus crankshaft has been balanced to 10k rpm. Would the stock oil pump work fine?
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if you are road racing then i would upgrade the oil pump for a few reasons. first to be safe. second the duration of time the engine is operating on the track and that the engine will be operating at peak rpm's almost every shift for a long duration of time.

I am not saying that the Type-S oil pump will not work at 9.5 to 10K shifts, I do know that a TypeS oil pump works fine at 8.5 to 9K road racing. What I am saying if there is a better solution,...take it due to the strain the engine will be under and your expectations of how the engine should hold up.

For example, I am swapping a K20A into an EG. I am upgrading my axles to a Driveshop Level 0 road race package. It may cost an extra $100 bucks but they inject a high temp grease in the boots cause of the EXPECTED high brake temps which can make normal grease in the axles lose it's expected function.

So I would upgrade the oil pump, there is no point in doing things half ass if you can help it. It is the same reason I am going with a K20A instead of a K24a2. I want the extra TQ from the K24a2, but I road race and the percentage of the time I will not be using TQ down low. And I am expecting to make all my power up high and it is easier for the K20A to rev than the K24a2.

I had a K24a2 SC'd. It always felt like the engine was lacking after 7500rpm. Then I would ride in my buddies SCK20A2 and it felt like it was coming alive after 7500rpm.

That's all hope that helps
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