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Revving to 9.5k rpm

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If my cams are still making power at 9.5k rpm, what else would I need to rev that high? I currently have forged pistons, I-beam rods plus crankshaft has been balanced to 10k rpm. Would the stock oil pump work fine?
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Just wondering, but would a stock K20a head hold up to a 9500 rpm rev when runnin the 1320's? Thanks
It may for a few passes, but valve float happens around 9200-9300 on the K20a's...You might squeek by with a few passes but sooner or later it WILL fail. Upgrade the valvetrain, I went to Supertech 92lb Seat pressure springs and Ti-Retainers for which the combo is rated at over 10k RPM just for my own personal piece of mind.

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