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Review: Enkei RPF1 + BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2

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So i guess this is my first review. I'm basing this review on past tires and oem wheels i've used. Note that i do not have an LSD. First, the wheels: Going from 15.5 lb. (give or take) wheels to 9.5 lb. wheels makes a huge difference imo if you're a spirited driver. It is said that for every 1 lb. of unsprung weight you lose it is the equivalent of taking 10 lbs. of dead weight off the car. Some say it's 20 but i'm not sure which is true.
However I DID notice an acceleration increase. Especially in the first 3 gears. But what really made it worth the purchase was how it handled bumps, rough patches, or just generally bad roads. It's so much smoother now. I guess that's due to the wheel going up and down faster because it's lighter. In the end, i believe this is THE best wheel for the money. They're only 180 a piece, semi-forged, and 9.5 lbs?! Almost too good to be true. 10/10 highly recommended.

Second, the tires. They are BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2's. I was formerly using Kuhmo ASX's 205/5-/15. I've used many performance tires from Pirelli's, to Yokohama's, to Bridgestone, etc. etc. I was looking for the highest performance tire that WASN'T a summer tire. Trust me i've tried using summer tires all year round (RE-11's) and in the winter those tires turned into rocks in really cold weather. These Sport-Comp 2's obliterate the Kuhmo's in every way even with the smaller width.
Turn-in is sharper, they grip better (I'm making 164 ft/lbs. The Kuhmo's would roast 2nd gear even when they were new, the Sport Comp 2's grip all the way), and most of all they are far far better in the rain which i believe is due to something called silica and the sidewalls. Not sure what silica is but it's certainly helpful. Lastly, they are a good looking tire! So for now i'll give them a 10/10. At the end of the summer (if they last that long) i'll bump this thread and give an update on how they hold up over time. Hope this review was helpful. -Jeff A
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I would love to get this set up, one day when the funds are in the black again. May i ask what offset do you get?
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