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Rev Hard Turbo ??'s

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Can anyone comment on the differences dyno'd using a Rev hard kit Stage 1 vs the JRSC street?

Also, I went to Rev Hards website and they show application of the stage one for the RSX Type S (which should also work for the JDM Type R I would assume), but do not show the stage 2 kit applicable. Anyone phathom why?

Also, something else interesting..the Stage one uses 440 cc injectors with 7 psi boost, but the Stage 2 uses the factory injectors (I think 310 or 330 cc) and the same boost. is that possible and get more power from stage 2?
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i have the rev hard kit and it makes about 250 something whp, the jrsc street kit makes about 180 whp, jrsc race kit makes about 220 something whp. these numbers are for a k20a3
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