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Rev Hard Turbo ??'s

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Can anyone comment on the differences dyno'd using a Rev hard kit Stage 1 vs the JRSC street?

Also, I went to Rev Hards website and they show application of the stage one for the RSX Type S (which should also work for the JDM Type R I would assume), but do not show the stage 2 kit applicable. Anyone phathom why?

Also, something else interesting..the Stage one uses 440 cc injectors with 7 psi boost, but the Stage 2 uses the factory injectors (I think 310 or 330 cc) and the same boost. is that possible and get more power from stage 2?
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i have a ep3 with the revhard kit and 2 days after i had it installed i hit a 12.89 at 109 on slicks so if u ask me the kit is great
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