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Hi guys, currently I am doing 5 stud conversion to my 96 Civic ek. However, it is so hard to source the proper EK9 and DC2R 5 stud conversion in Australia. It almost impossible mission!!

So, what I done is - using 96 CRV front knuckles, 282 rotor and caliper. They are pretty identical to the EK. it just had thicker knuckles on CRV as it is heavier and need to be more thicker.
This is good as it can handle more power.

But, the problems is, I don't had 5 stud for the rear.
Anyone know if there is any alternative to change the 5 stud for the rear?

The guy sell me the CRV front knuckles told me the CRV rear trailing arm might fit. the only problems is it had the hole for the axle as CRV are 4wd.

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