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RC 650cc Injectors w/Clips GREAT DEAL K-SERIES!

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I have a set of RC engineering 650cc injectors with clips, they were used on my k24turbo EG that I'm now parting out. These are in great shape, all o-rings are good, and -500miles on them total. Make some POWA'!

$250 shipped to your door

many many many vouches, just ask!
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He sold these already. At least from what he told me last week:up:
wow...i must have bad luck...i sold mines to ^^^for only 120-130bucks shipped...:hammer:
LoL, still have 'em too. I was laughing when I seen these 2 members interested in these injectors, but you had no hits for yours at 120:up:. Guess im just lucky:up:
haha...yeah for sure...but it's all good...just glad i could help out a fellow supporter...
supporter discount:up:
They are sold!! He sold them with the clips he soldered on his a2 harness.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts