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i`m building high boost turbo k20.

I need advice about intake manifold, I have to choices:

PRC- DC5 type R manifold

or RBC, it is Accord Euro R, available only in JDM market.

This is photo

As you see on photo`s runners size is very similar to PRC, but bigger than PRB.

But runners are shorter and much straight than PRC.
Only problem is smaller , I don`t know how it`s call in english, but tube is smaller.( example for B16 I saw victor X manifold, he has very big tube, much bigger than stock B16 manifold)
There are couples different in installtion, but needs some modify, other bolts place for throttle body etc.

But why I want install RBC manifold?,

in N/A engine DC5 has max power 220PS and max torque at 7000rpm

engine in Accord Euro R with this manifold has these same max power 220 PS, but MAX torque is at 6000rpm, 1000rpm lower.

Please let me know what you think, which in better for boost.
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