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rack and pinion bracket

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i was trying to put my manual rack and pinion on my eg crossmember, but the bracket that goes around the rack and holds it to the crossmember, the bolt holes are not align the with the holes on the crossmember. this is a new bracket from honda, i bought the bracket a long time ago.

i did notice the bracket has different part #'s for a power rack and a manual rack. all i know is that it says SR3M on it. please dont tell me that the "m" stands for manual rack, because that means i have the wrong crossmember. especially the crossmember is already installed with a fresh paint job. this is so frustrating:mad:
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What is the cross member from? And there is a way to get around it if you have a PS cross member and a Manual rack. I had the same problem but I changed my cross member because it looked like crap.
what about doing this, buying the power steering clamp and the round bushing and cut it to fit, just like this thread, first page, halfway down......

so i bet i have a power steering crossmember, and i bought a non-power steering bracket from honda.

This is what I did....But ended up using an EG manual rack subframe in my DC.
The cut bushing works fine, I just did not like the way it looked, and its cheaper than buying a subframe.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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