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i have decided to try out k series so parting out my b series stuff. here it is.

Prices do not include shipping or paypal 3%

competition clutch twindisk 700
700 miles on this always used a clutch pedal stop great clutch

genuine bosch 044 fuel pump bought new has -10 in -8 out fittings included 190
drove around block on this and that is all.

deist scattershield blanket 100

moroso aluminum oilpan comes with GSR and LS oil pickups 150

ONEfab topmount manifold fits 42r 650
this was just started up and driven around the block also good as new. Does have a wastegate elbow on it now.

ARP headstuds for LS but have nice spacers so they can be used with b series vtec motors.70

B16 hydro tranny 100% mint best tranny i ever drove on. 500

AEM fuelrail with -10 in drilled for 1600cc injectors 90

hasport EK mounts stiffest urethane they make. 250
only pic i have of them

1 - 5 of 5 Posts