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quick Kseries alternator question??

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Is the alternator from the 02 civic si same as 02 rsx type S?? I have the alternator with the AEM pulley. Im gonna run the three pulley setup. Just curious if there is a difference in the belt fitment. The number stated on this site was ecog 5070390. Just wanted to make sure I could use this belt no matter which alternator it is...tnx
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cool thnx.. When I bought my swap someone had taken the alternator off. So I took one off another type S motor but it came out of a swapped SI hatch. So I dont know if that guy used the si alternator or type S but it had the AEM pulley already. paid 3000 for the whole swap!! Its an 03.. sorry just excited.. :D
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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