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Questions I hope have answers

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I just picked up a 94 Civic CX hatch to swap my K20 in(sheds tear over totalled RSX-S :( ) and I need a little help in knowledge before attempting the swap. Just a list of questions I've been pondering over for awhile. I will update post if anything else comes to mind.

1. Do I need to use the RSX subframe in the swap? I remember hearing somewhere that I would, but can't remember the source at this time.

2. Would I be able to retain the use of the immobilizer? I have all the part necessary from my RSX, as long as the wiring harness supports it, would it be a possibility?

3. Has someone made a harness that supports the electric reverse lockout? If not, is it possible?

4. To those people who've done their swap already, what did you do for piping after the header? And what header did you use? Cat/Catless?

5. I really liked the post on intakes and the pic's with the Prototype Racing velocity stack. The stack though is just the straight section of pipe, correct? If so, would anyone be able to suggest a good place to look for similar aluminum piping? Or could I just get two vel. stacks and mandrel bend one of them?

I had another question which I can't remember right now, but I'll post up later if I can remember it.
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no to 1, just need new mounts. im not sure if you can use the immobilizer, but you will need kpro. hasport has released a header for k swapped cars, dtr or you can mod a tsx header. if you have a exhaust on it, it must be shortened wether use a cat or not, even shorter for use of a cat. dont use your stock civic piping though. you can just buy a short ram for a civic and it should work aslong as its short and straight. the other ?'s i cant help you with. chime in...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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