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Question: Welding to Engine Block

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I need two additional bolt holes on the back of a K20A2 for a TSX mounting bracket. This bracket has a total of four bolts, two which thread into the transmission and two into the block. Due to the design of the bracket, I'm not entirely sure proceeding with only using the transmission-side bolts would be safe/reliable and not cause damage to the trans/bracket/mount under heavy load (350-400whp) due to it trying to torque at unusual axes.

My question is, what are my options here? Outside of sourcing a CL7 K20A block, none of the K20's have these holes. Can material be safely added to the block? Could I trim material from the flywheel side of the block and create a sandwich plate between the engine/trans which angles over allowing me to bolt into it? I know this isn't a massive modification but it is needed for me to correctly mount this engine.

Really hoping to hear back from you guys on this :new_slayer:

TSX Trans

K24A2 Block

K20A2 Block

TSX Rear Mount Bracket (Upside Down)
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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