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question on ek wiring harness

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im still uncertain of what to do when it comes down to the use of the key in order to start up the engine once again. i have a k20a2 with ecu and matching key. so im assuming the immobilizer wouldnt be necessary, can anyone help me with this step of the swap thanks
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Ive never used the complete immobilizer system on any of my swaps,so I cant comment on mounting the immobilizer,but from looking over the wiring diagrams,I dont see the wiring being a big deal.
Get a factory service manual and you should be ok for wiring.
The ecu normally provides ground for the fuel pump relay,which kicks on the relay and allows the fuel pump to get power.
If the ecu doesnt see the coorect key/immob. signal, it wont ground the relay.You have to ground the relay yourself.

This wont work on the type S prb ecu.ONLY the jdm ecu's.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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