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question about k20/k24 swap with heat

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I have Integra with k20a2 I kept the heater. Having some issues though.
The issue is the metal heater pipe and all the small 5/16 hose barbs not being used.
I removed all the barbs from the upper radiator hose neck with pliers then drilled them taped.
Used an Allen head plug with hondabond.

The metal heater pipe hose barb located right below cam sensors see picture below.
I had a hose on it with a clamp and it needed to go looked half***. Plus didn't matter how tight the clamp was it just leaked. I'd like to delete it plug it and seal it off for good.

Now before anyone mentions just cut it off and weld it shut. Well, I don't own a welder and my welds would leak.
As for friends who can weld they cant weld either at least good enough for it to look decent let alone be sealed.

What do I do with the metal heater pipe barb below the cam sensors?
Can I cut it down smaller and tap it and jam a set screw in it, maybe a bolt with some PTFE thread sealant.
Adding a rubber cap plug with clamp works but they dry rot quick.

Open to suggestions for cant weld or no anyone who can near me least so it's sealed.
Anyone else running a swap with the heater still installed and working?

Please delete admin if not right place for posting

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I ended up just removing the pipe and had the nipple cut off and welded shut and this other engine I threaded a bolt into it which was 5/16 hose size so ID was like 1/4" and left antifreeze drained and stuck bolt in it with thread sealant and capped it with one them rubber caps and clamped it its on dirt track car so were see if it olds up. I had streetcar one welded shut though like mentioned
Just put a k24a2 into my sibling parents in law vehicle and it appears as though the indoor regulator isn't opening. I utilized the k20 thermo on the k24 water siphon. Fans kick on at 190 yet the temp simply continues to climb. Any thoughts? The indoor regulator fell off the k20 that we took out and it turned out only great previously. Is there some way I could have over forced the bolts to the lodging and squeezed it forever shut?
Kodi nox
As Kbuilt said sounds like air pocket best thing I found to bleed the system is vacuum purging type bleeding or one of them radiator bleeding funnels like this
Funnel kit
Purge kit
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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