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Question- about compression and dc stage 4 cams

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hello guys im currently building a k24/k20 na motor and I want to run stage 4 cams since ive been told that they make the most power for high comp builds and are recommended for 12:5 compression. my problem is I bought my pistons before the cams and the pistons I have right now are 11:5 compression CP pistons. my power goal is 300 whp. should I sell the pistons? or should I mill the head and get flat face valves to bump the compression up? id like to know what I should do with the pistons atm cause there brand new and id like move on with my build and choose the right cams. the motor will see nitrous too but id like to hit 300whp before I spray nitrous

much help would be appreciated !!!

the head will have brain crower valve train
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I'm guessing the head will not be ported or a CNC head?

What is the purpose of the car? If it's just a fun street car, I'd go with the drag cartel 3.2 cams with that compression. Don't get hung up on a whp number.
Those cams with that compression, a QUALITY header like ASP etc, 3in exhaust, a good induction system, and probably the most important, a smart tuner, will easily get you to 280.

I highly doubt you could tell the difference between a 280whp/300whp car if you went for a drive in one without knowing the whp #.

What fuel will be used?

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