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I just recently picked up a K20A2 short block with the trans for 300. thats the only reason why I got it was it was to good of a deal to pass up.. I curently have a EG6 with a fully built B16A turbo in it. well I am going to get another EG6 to start on another project to do this K20 swap. I am just wondering how hard is it to do the swap and what all will I need to do it. I know so far I am going to need a head intake mani and all that fun stuff plus the hasport mounts and axle's and some other things. I am just looking for information on how hard/easy this swap is and where to find good stuff for the K series since I am mostly a B series person and new the K game. and just for info this is going to be a side project since my other hatch is just about finished 100%. thanks for any info in advance.

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