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QUEBEC, 2 transmission RSX-S k20a2, 1 avec lsd cusco, clutch kit ACT et ITB K-series

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QUEBEC, 2 k20a2 04 transmissions 1 with cusco lsd,ACT clutch kit and TWM ITB K-series

parts are located in MONTREAL CANADA

2 rsx-s 2004 tranny's for sale

first one is completely stock and rebuilt like new, second gear is top notch
900$ + shipping SOLD

second one is like the first one also
900$ + shipping

cusco lsd is now out of the tranny and selling it appart for 900$ + shipping

I also have an act clutch kit
1 rsx-s flywheel
1 ACT 6-puck sprung disc
1 ACT 6-puck unsprung disc
1 ACT heavy duty pressure plate
kit as been used for under 1000km im going for boost and switching for a twin disc
new price 450$

also have a set of TWM ITB's 54mm for k20 with carbon fiber velocity stacks and plugs for sensors 1300$us SOLD to K20EF8
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You'd be surprised.. I'm interested in the clutch set up if you have pics
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