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purchasing a K24 engine today, quick questions

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I'm pretty new to the whole k24/k20 swap, but this site is teaching me a ton, and I am happy to say I will soon be starting my k24/k20 EK turbo build. Anyways, I came across a 2004 CRV block with 97,xxx miles on is just the shortblock, no head. The motor burned a valve. The price is $225.00...the cylinders look clean. Is there anything else I should be looking for with this block before I purchase it? What all should come with it, from what I understand it is the block w/ oil pan, and internals. Also, is this the k24a1?

So everyone knows, my plans for the block are sleeves with a stock bore and forged internals.

Thanks everyone.
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yea i wasn't really sure what the value of the block was...i could prob. get the price down if the deal isn't really that great of one...all input is appreciated!
awesome....are you sleeving your block? im aiming for a 400+hp daily driver, so i figured sleeving the block with a stock bore seemed the most reliable way to go.
can someone please confirm that this block is worth $225...i may or may not sleeve it, if i do not, can the cylinder walls be cleaned up when hot tanked?
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would stock sleeves and high boost (maybe 20 psi) be safe with 87.5? i want 400whp daily...but i would also like to have a high boost map.
well crap...the guy wants 275...for some reason my friend thought he said it still worth it? this is really more than I wanted to pay.:(
i told him i wasnt interested at that price and to contact me if he changes his mind, and he said ok, but it will prob. still be here if you ever come around. lol we will see...i got time...still trying to decide on a machine shop and figure out if i'm goin with just bore or sleeve/bore combo and still sourcing parts anyways.
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