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purchasing a K24 engine today, quick questions

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I'm pretty new to the whole k24/k20 swap, but this site is teaching me a ton, and I am happy to say I will soon be starting my k24/k20 EK turbo build. Anyways, I came across a 2004 CRV block with 97,xxx miles on is just the shortblock, no head. The motor burned a valve. The price is $225.00...the cylinders look clean. Is there anything else I should be looking for with this block before I purchase it? What all should come with it, from what I understand it is the block w/ oil pan, and internals. Also, is this the k24a1?

So everyone knows, my plans for the block are sleeves with a stock bore and forged internals.

Thanks everyone.
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hot tank it and tell them to hot tank for a long time or twice. and just get a bore and hone. or if u going to stay stock just get it honed. personally i wouldnt stay stock go to 87.5.
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