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im steven youhana (senor esteban)
i grew up in san diego CA
i ended up in Ohio 4 years ago and meet the best group of amigos that i call family
i brought my ek with me

well this is/was my old car before i totaled it

btw i have a fucking RAT-tail

this is the new car, bought from a good friend who also moved from cali to ohio(yup its a cali car also) bao's old car

yup my garage is a mess

stripped interior to remove sound deadening

my dude darren in the car measuring up for chromoly cage

pulled motor out while darren's working on the cage

bye GSR

k-tuned converstion harness

got a big item for the project

strada front fits awesome for a race car, well since its not a race car im going to need help

darren at blown-up fab cage coming together nicely

x bar in

cage is done, on the way to west virgina now to matt @ gradeA garage

hey there sexy

westhill motorsports JAPAN steering column gauge pod

shave my bay you sexy man, i did it once and said i wouldnt do it again. so matts doing it for me. and plus hes a beast at it

strada front will fit nicely when matts done with it

crew legit garage where it all started for me, shocker joes teg, adam big reds eg, rob always has 4 projects going at once and jason's teg all covered up

and it begins gradeA style

follow him on instagram he has a build of his own which should be ready for spring

looks like the volks need sold

body man doing body work

denny from armedandalarmed doing wiring homework

toweres are raised, bay is shaved and in primer

Hasport duhh

a view of darrens awesome cage work


gradeA work from matt

sex swing almost ready for use

no hood for life

lil blue pearl in the paint

full cage to work with full interior, comfortable life

denny hard at work doing all kinds of wiring. btw denny is in town from florida. cant thank you enough for taking your vaca time

shaqs view of hard work in progress

yeah it fucking snows here. fuck you cold

thank you john for use the truck to get my car back home

blinkers cuz street car

in primer. matt spent alot of time on this front end

i cant wait till this thing gets mounted on

washed her up since the trip home was a mess

hey girl hey

brake lines done, so happy to be able to work on her as i please

powder coated crossmember

cleaned, taped up, primered, painted

freshen'd up

all front suspension stripped and ready for powder coat

some more k-tuned parts

carpet was a bitch to put back in

yup headliner was a lil pain too

hole drilled for disconnect plug

holes drilled for passenger mount

thanks for looking, ill keep posting progress as i get more along

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looking good man i loved you ek build i can only imagine what your dc will turn out to be. keep up the great work man
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