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Project 900whp K24 Turbo

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Project 900whp K24 Turbo S368

My Civic Si Coupe Build Thread
K24 Turbo

GE sleeves Std Bore
Wiseco Pistons
Pauter Rods
ARP Head Studs
IPS Intake Manifold
75mm TB
IPS Cams
Skunk2 Valvetrain
Precision 1600cc Injectors
Precision 825hp Intercooler
Bullseye S368
Tial 44mm
Tial BOV
T1 Catchcan Kit
Competition Clutch Twinplate
Full Blown Dual Intank
2 Walbro 255 Pump
Earls Fuel Lines and Fittings
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM Fuel Regulator
FJO Injector Driver
Hondata K-Pro
Hondata 4Bar Map Sensor

2 weeks ago, we tuned the car @.8bar which made 380whp @ 95octane
last night, we pushed it to 1.5bar which made 580whp @ 100 octane
this week, we will TRY to go 42psi hopefully will make 850-900whp @ c16
Goodluck to US :D

Thanks to Ron @ IPS, Xenocron Tuning, Tony1, Injected Performance, b18bturbo, nikos
for the parts :up: :up: :up:

Video from last night 01/31/09 tuning...enjoy
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if it doesn't reach the target maybe we'll change turbo :)

looking at the bright side 800++whp is not bad for a streetcar :)
Send some of this money my way please.. PM me for Paypal address... :rolleyes:
Wow :wow: Good luck hooking that car on the road for a street car lmao.
What turbo manifold is that Sltuning,Full race,Peakboost,Synapse??Also Pm me if your guy can make me a a/c system when my car is on boost.:)
a little update as of Feb. 5 '09

713whp / 551tq @ 30psi
tranny is still holding up :D

will boost more in the coming weeks. still need to fix some problem.
we tried running it but traction sucks bigtime :down:
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damn! good numbers so far man and good luck on your goal. those tranny gears must be coated with the luck of the irish :silly:
thats crazy! sick looking coupe. post up pics of the whole car. who did you have weld up and design the dump and dp?

:up: id love to see a vid of this on the street! :driving:
heres a pic 1crazy93k

all pipes were done by our local fabricator.
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super clean i like the exhaust sum different ...g/l wit her KBoosted FTW!!!!!
i would think you have to clean your windshield all the time with the exhaust there.

Do you have any hp:psi goals? meaning 900 is the goal but under a certain PSI?
You will be able to rev it up to 8500 at least without a problem.... What oil pump are you using?
im using stock k20a oilpump with some mod i don't know if it will do good.

am i safe to rev it till 8.5rpm?
im using stock k20a oilpump with some mod i don't know if it will do good.

am i safe to rev it till 8.5rpm?
Yes..... You are... You have a good oil pump and a built head.. You will be just fine.. You don't really need to rev it that high though since it is a 2.4L .. You're putting more stress on the engine. 8K in a 2.4L is a lot....
so far im revving it at 7.8rpm i guess its too low. once boost comes in it just spins like sh!t :down:
21 - 40 of 63 Posts
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