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Hey everybody. I was hoping if anybody can please give me some useful information/suggestion on these problems that I currently have.

1) AC and Idle:
My neutral idle is about 1grand. When I turn on the AC my idle drops to 400-300. When I drive with the AC on from a stop there's a lag in acceleration. Almost making stall out. Also when I drive with the AC on, if I decelerate quickly; braking or downshifting, my car dies out. Right now i have the o2 sensor turned off. Is this causing the problem?

2) Speedo
My eg was a auto before, and I recently switched out my cluster to a EX one. Everything worked fine, but recently the speedometer is crapping out on me. Sometimes it won't read at all, then jump to 100mph (no matter how fast I'm going...or gear...hell I can be at a stop and it will do that). The cluster worked fine before I switched it out.

Helpful info on my car:
92 civic hatchback
2004 k20a2 swap
Running AEM EMS

Sorry if these are noob questions....
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