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After finally getting the car out on the roadcourse this weekend, it broke AGAIN..
This time it finally made me decide to bite the bullet and redo the wiring, and put in one of hasports. Although now i need a new dash harness as well since mine got all hacked up during the orig. swap.

Here's what happened, my girlfriend (half owner of the car) was driving the last session of the day when coming out of a corner she hit the gas in 2nd it it did nothing then finally went, cel popped on and speedo shut off. DRove the car home and noticed on the way that i have no 5th gear now.

Drag my desktop out to the garage the next morning thinking for sure its going to throw vss code, but it doesnt it throws CMP sensor no signal or some shit, try to clear the code, wont clear it all re boot the program then i cant get it to read anycode although the CEL is still on....

if its not one thing its another with this car, now i have to take the car in to see whats up with 5th gear, while i start to tear the dash apart to get ready for the new harness.

someday my car will work properly...i hope :oops:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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