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Prelude shifter box.... for K20 swap.

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can't you use a prelude shifter box instead of the RSX box?
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BolivianFuego said:
yes you could.
Okay.... so why all this fuss about the RSX box, the lude box fits under the eg consol right?
Yeah, I know how the RSX sits, Just saying if you can use the Prelude... and or Accord box, it would be alot easier, cheaper, and less of a hassle to use them over the RSX box.

they have been proven to fit just fine in EG/EK consols.
Yeah, I'm not saying that you wouldn't have to gut the cup holders, but who is gunna use them anyway? the jdm center consol would hide it nicely.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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