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Good Evening All,

Hopefully I can get some confirmation on this as I'm in a bit of jam.

When I first swapped my car 4 years ago I tried running closed loop with the stock narrowband sensor but could not get any A/F readings on the kpro for anything. Being that it was my first k car and, as eager as I was to get it running, I decided to just get the car tuned with a wideband and not worry about the kpro displaying the A/F signal.

Now I would like to connect the A/F wideband signal into kpro (via ELD pin E15) so it can capture the A/F when data-logging.

While going through the wiring, I believe i'm not getting sufficient voltage from pins A1 and A22. I'm only getting 2.1 volts from them which doesn't turn on my wideband which requires the 12V.

I'm pretty sure it's a possibility but has anyone seen an ecu go bad at these two pins? If so, is there a way to troubleshoot? Can someone confirm if there's supposed to be 12V coming out of these two pins?

What I've gathered so far is shown on the attachments and link below:

Information :: Tech Area :: 02-04 PRB / RSX Type-S Ecu Pin Out Diagrams
Content from http //www k20a org/forum/showthread php?t=230

k20 ecu harness.png

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