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PRA k20a2 falls flat in vtec 6500-7000 limiter

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Hello all,

So i have just carried out my first k swap, its a 97' ek hatch with a UKDM K20A2 from an ep3, stock PRA ECU with an immobiliser delete. Stock injectors, aucity tps, K&N typhoon intake cut to fit (Straight to TB) s2k exhaust header to 2.5" back, no cat.

Since getting it running, i have had running issues where it misfires under 2k when pulling off or moving in stop start traffic, after 2k it runs really nice until 6500-7000 when i hear vtec engage but the car just falls flat on its face. i have 2 dtc's secondary O2 malfunction and ELD malfunction.

So the list of checks so far is as follows
full service when engine went in so all filters and fluids are good
99oct fuel only since going in
checked valve lash - adjusted twice
checked oil level -ok
checked coolant level -ok
checked for mixing fluids -no mix
checked earths to engine (x2 to engine x1 to trans)
timing chains has been replaced and tensioner
smoke tested & sprayed brake cleaner - no leaks or change in revs
Tps reading 0.46V and 4.55V open - cheap diagnostics reader says TP is at 9.0% with ignition on? does change when driving but to adjust to 0% it throws the V out on the sensor by a lot
engine coolant temp is reading 80-83C (175-180) while cruising around
fuel pressure is sat at 55psi on warm idle (upped it from 48 today but no change)
checked vtec solenoid gasket (clear no metal)
checked VCT gasket - clear no metal
Checked VCT solenoid - pin is moving freely and mesh all clean

i can hear vtec engaging so i don't think the solenoid is not working, when i unplug it it generates a fault,
its fine all the way up until 6500 so cant see it being a spark/coil issue. did have issues on first start with the primary o2 not working - corrected wiring then i got a low voltage fault - fixed a leak in the exhaust then got a malfunction fault - swapped the O2 with a new one (non genuine) and the fault cleared.

i dont have k-pro (yes ... i know i should to make life easy) i dont have anyone local to test ecu's, all i know is i finally have a vtec motor and i cant use vtec.

any help would be great!
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Welcome to and thank you for registering.

You already know you need Kpro....

p.366 and below is fuel system. p.366 and up is VTEC solutions
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