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yellowman said:
does any one have pics of there power steering set up please :D
This is my setup in my EK. Inorder to clear in the EK, I cut out a sqaure hole on the hood. As for the power steering lines I attached both the rsx and civic lines together. Can be done at you local local hose company. That service cost me 33 bucks. As for the pump suction line, all you need is 5\8" oil compatible hose. They gave me high pressure hose thats huge, because they ran out of thin wall hoses. Cost for that hose was around $1.70 a foot, used about 6 feet. looks cool though atleast it will somewhat protect itself. Then you run it to the power steering resevoir on the original side. Got to love powersteering...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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