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damnnn thats sick...the motor is stock?? cams? good power how much psi?

Power:589hp (c16)
Turbo:gt4094r twin scroll
Manifold:td autowerkes twin scroll
Wastegate Size:tial 44 x2
Injector Manufacturer and Size:1200cc pte
Piping(including dowpipe and exhaust):3"

for more info on my car go to my build thread.....

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this is a customer car we tuned today at 14-15psi. stock rsx-s block, head, trans. 93 pump. bolt on peakboost kit gt35r, 880cc injectors on kpro.

needless to say, this car rips.

for dyno number reference, a bone stock ecu'd rsx-s on bolt ons and race header made 185whp.

what motor is that? k20a or k20z? please let me know running similar setup

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CC Stage 4? Competition Clutch stage 4?

I have the Competition Stage 4, 6puck, sprung with lightweight flywheel. I am also looking to make 450+ with that clutch...

Anyone else have issues with a single disk clutch for 4-500hp cars?:confused:

Motor: K20Z1
Power: 367whp 232tq @ 8psi on 91oct
Turbo: GT3582r
Manifold: Fullrace Sidewinder
Wastegate Size: Tial 44mm
BOV: Tial 50mm
Injector Manufacturer and Size: ID1000's
Piping(including dowpipe and exhaust): Custom 3" from the turbo all the way to
the muffler.

I was shooting for 450whp but my CC Stage 4 clutch was slipping on the dyno at
15psi so the tuner backed me down to 8psi. I'm soon going to get a CC Twin Plate
clutch and go back for my whp goals. In the meantime, here is some pics and a
video of a race I had the other night against a Heads, Cam, Full Bolt-on, Tuned
C5 Corvette making 457whp from a 40mph roll. By the end of the race, I had him
by a fender. Enjoy! :wow:
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