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It's possible, i was do my harness rebuld from Accord/TSX with dbw system and use it now with k24a3+EP3 6spd tranny+PRB/PRC Ecu , but you will need free time for it :) and some connestors. Which connectors need: IAC, Reverse lock solenoid, Reverse light, Speed sensor, TPS, Knock sensor.

p.s. I was fully rebuild harness and remove not used wires.

Now what pins where repin.
Accord and TSX herness have little differences
RSX pin --- TSX/Accord pin:
B5 - same
B4 - same
B3 - same
A12 - custom wiring (IAC)
A26 <- A6 (TDC)
A7 - same
B9 <- B11 (VTEC oil preasure switch)
B15 <- B6 (VTEC solenoid valve)
A21 - same
A19 <- A30 (MAP)
A11 <- A24 (MAP)
A20 - custom wiring (TPS)
A15 - custom wiring (TPS) - i use C20 pin as it's use same color
A9 <- A1 (Knock sensor)
B1 - same
B23 - custom wiring (VTC-) - because Accord/TSX harness puting this pin to ground at connector G101, maybe you not need connect this to ecu.
A10 <- A23 (SG2)
B17 - same
B8 - same
A24 <- A9 (LG1)
A23 <- A8 (LG2)
A25 <- A19 (CMP)
A18 - same
B21 - same
B7 - custom wiring (Reverse lock solenoid)
A10 - same
B13 - same
B18 - same
A5 - same
A4 - same
A30 <- A16 (Ignition coil 1)
A29 <- A15 (Ignition coil 2)
A28 <- A14 (Ignition coil 3)
A27 <- A13 (Ignition coil 4)
A3 - same
A2 - same
E1 <- E17 (IMOFPR) - TSX have it at E17, Accord have not pin at E17, and i have not Accord ecu pinout.
E7 <- color must be RED/YEL but accord harness at E7 use RED/BLK. Because i use A25 wire+pin from accord harness.
A6 <- A31 (PHO2S+)
A16 <- A28 (PHO2S-)
A1 <- A10 (PHO2SHTC) - color must be BLK/WHT but accord use GRN. I think its because accord don't use wide band A/F
A22 - custom wiring (PHO2SHTC+)
E8 - same
E16 - same (PSPSW) - LT GRN/BLK - but in accord harness used GRN color.
E31 - custom wiring (MIL)
E26 - same
B6 <- E12 (Fan control)
E9 - same
E22 - dont remember, may be same (BKSW)

not used pins at RSX ecu connector:
E24 - (going to multiplex unit)
E25 - (VSSOUT) - i use signal from speed sensor.
E18 - (A/C clutch relay)
E15 - ELD
E30,E29,E23,E26 - (Data link connector)
E5,E14 - (FTPS)
E21 - (Evap canister)
E20 - (Evap bypass solenoid valve)
A8 - (IMRC for k20A3)
A22 - (IMRC for k20A3)
E27 - (Immoilizer)
E3,E2,E4,E6 - don't know because i not use secondary O2 sensor.
E13,B14,B16,B24 - for automatic tranny
All pins from C and D.
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