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are there any other problems that could be encountered if one were to use the TSX engine harness for a swap besides the drive-by-wire??

is there any way around this? is it possible to wire in the tps from the current TB wires?

basically im asking if you can drop a TSX engine/box and wire in a kpro with a harness?? of course.

cheers in advance.

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It's possible, i was do my harness rebuld from Accord/TSX with dbw system and use it now with k24a3+EP3 6spd tranny+PRB/PRC Ecu , but you will need free time for it :) and some connestors. Which connectors need: IAC, Reverse lock solenoid, Reverse light, Speed sensor, TPS, Knock sensor.

p.s. I was fully rebuild harness and remove not used wires.

Now what pins where repin.
Accord and TSX herness have little differences
RSX pin --- TSX/Accord pin:
B5 - same
B4 - same
B3 - same
A12 - custom wiring (IAC)
A26 <- A6 (TDC)
A7 - same
B9 <- B11 (VTEC oil preasure switch)
B15 <- B6 (VTEC solenoid valve)
A21 - same
A19 <- A30 (MAP)
A11 <- A24 (MAP)
A20 - custom wiring (TPS)
A15 - custom wiring (TPS) - i use C20 pin as it's use same color
A9 <- A1 (Knock sensor)
B1 - same
B23 - custom wiring (VTC-) - because Accord/TSX harness puting this pin to ground at connector G101, maybe you not need connect this to ecu.
A10 <- A23 (SG2)
B17 - same
B8 - same
A24 <- A9 (LG1)
A23 <- A8 (LG2)
A25 <- A19 (CMP)
A18 - same
B21 - same
B7 - custom wiring (Reverse lock solenoid)
A10 - same
B13 - same
B18 - same
A5 - same
A4 - same
A30 <- A16 (Ignition coil 1)
A29 <- A15 (Ignition coil 2)
A28 <- A14 (Ignition coil 3)
A27 <- A13 (Ignition coil 4)
A3 - same
A2 - same
E1 <- E17 (IMOFPR) - TSX have it at E17, Accord have not pin at E17, and i have not Accord ecu pinout.
E7 <- color must be RED/YEL but accord harness at E7 use RED/BLK. Because i use A25 wire+pin from accord harness.
A6 <- A31 (PHO2S+)
A16 <- A28 (PHO2S-)
A1 <- A10 (PHO2SHTC) - color must be BLK/WHT but accord use GRN. I think its because accord don't use wide band A/F
A22 - custom wiring (PHO2SHTC+)
E8 - same
E16 - same (PSPSW) - LT GRN/BLK - but in accord harness used GRN color.
E31 - custom wiring (MIL)
E26 - same
B6 <- E12 (Fan control)
E9 - same
E22 - dont remember, may be same (BKSW)

not used pins at RSX ecu connector:
E24 - (going to multiplex unit)
E25 - (VSSOUT) - i use signal from speed sensor.
E18 - (A/C clutch relay)
E15 - ELD
E30,E29,E23,E26 - (Data link connector)
E5,E14 - (FTPS)
E21 - (Evap canister)
E20 - (Evap bypass solenoid valve)
A8 - (IMRC for k20A3)
A22 - (IMRC for k20A3)
E27 - (Immoilizer)
E3,E2,E4,E6 - don't know because i not use secondary O2 sensor.
E13,B14,B16,B24 - for automatic tranny
All pins from C and D.

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yes you can, best thing to do would find another harness from someone like an ep3 or base rsx harness. Pull out the wiring for the tps, and all the other sensors that remove the dbw system. and just repin them at the ecu. Or run your own witing and get connectors and pins from members on this site and have at it. With a service manual for both cars the tsx and whatever car you are wanting the harness to run in. cross referencing between the two with the ability to read schematics you will be fine. And you learn the electrical system of your engine harness in the process.
Good luck, keep posting.
Late, Steve:dance:
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