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Port on TB flange

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What is this port for and is it necessary? I have always been told its the IACV port.

Sorry if it seems like a moronic question but I have a customer considering the new RRC manifold which does not have one and I don;t want him to get stuck with a manifold he can not use or has to buy something expensive to make it work.


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If you're going to add a spacer in order to adapt the 02-04 K20A2 throttle body, than I would just add a port in the spacer and that's the end of it.
The pic show is an RBC manifold, and the answer you gave I already knew but this thread isn't about that. I sell about 10 RBC kits a week and all I wanted to know is if the IACV port was necessary and can it be eliminated..
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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