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Please reply"only" if you know for a fact

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1st- is the casting of the tsx k24 head the same as the k20a2?

2nd are the gear ratios in the k24 (tsx) 6spd the same as the k20a2, if not could somone give me the specs and the final drive.

The reason i'm asking is it may be cheaper for me to buy the complete tsx swap from a wrecking yard, oppose to piecing together the block, head, tranny, sensors, etc. If im removing all the internals anyways. Correct me if im wrong.

I have a very specific goal and the budget is going to be stretched very thin as is, so any input on where to get solid deals or who may have hooks that would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated, either way thankyou for your time.
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You're probably referring to their MID application sleeves, of which they have not released the K24 application. Darton also makes universal blanks that can be fitted. That's what I did for my first K24 block over 2.5 years ago and is most likely the case for all other K24 darton sleeved blocks out there done by various authorized darton machine shops.

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