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maby looking at 260 to 300hp
I would recommend a SPNM, RBC3, Y2M3 or NPR3 from the K20A JDM engine, as it has already an OEM LSD, same is valid for the PNN4 or PNN3 of the K20Z3 engine. Otherwise a NPQ3, X2M5 from the K20A2 and swap an aftermarket LSD in.

Would you mind to shift more often or do you prefer a lower FD ratio? I run a 200 ftlb 2-Liter NA engine, which does roughly the same torque as your will put on the clutch, and run a short FD (5.062:1 from FN2/FD2 chassis) in a 740 kg car, which is fine. Other may think it is too short for longer travels noise-wise. Something you may decide what you prefer or you take just what you get with the tranny and be fine with it.

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