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pics of hatch!!!k20

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I :heart: GOOOOOOOLD! lol nice hatch.
Car looks great, but I must say you need to talk to my friend about a shifter plate. "Karcepts" with that you are going to be so much more comfortable shifting and its going to feel like you are back in your car, not shifting like a bus driver...Car looks good but please look in to getting a shifter plate to lower that shifter.. good luck
this is my hatch now
U where here at the Austin honda-tech meet right...
Do you still have this car ?
humbleEG said:
Do you still have this car ?
No, he sold it.....I think.
Nice man!!

you have a clean/neat engine bay!!:up: But if you can repaint engine bay that will be excellent...:dance:
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hello you can say to me as you with your DC - sport swap Header is content??

I am from Austria and make an also straight k20 swap into my EG civic!

my setup:

DC - sport swap Header
AEM swap CAI
Hondata k-pro
hasports mount kit & stage 1 axles

how much hp can I count at the crankshaft with this setup???

mfg alex!
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21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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