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I have been away from the Tuner scene for 12 years! I know D/B/H/F but not K and I know things have changed!

I’m picking up an RSX that is in need of some love. It comes with a turbo kit that hasn’t been installed. It’s a log manifold and a T3/T4 .63 turbo. Which I’m not sure but is that going to be too big for running 5-13LBs?

I do want a log manifold so if that turbo is the right turbo for pushing 275-450HP then I’ll just use it. Even after I replace the rods and pistons I don’t think I’ll ever push for more than 500HP and I’ll probably limit boost so that it doesn’t exceed 300HP in first and 400HP in 2nd with AWD and probably 220HP 1st 300HP 2nd while it’s FWD.

So what I want to know is what’s going to surprise me with this thing? What parts of my game plan need to be modified? Im going to put down what my goals are and if people can give me an idea of what to look out for that would be great! My experience is as follows: 6 EG swaps D/D/D/B/B/H, 3 DC2 swaps B/B/H, and a T3/T4 .48 B18C5 99 Si and a SRT4.

I have no K experience but I have the tools and know how to figure this out with your help!

I want to do this in stages:

E85 Stage:
1) Install 5 gallon fuel cell in a location that won’t interfere with drive shaft and a new fuel pump and e85 compatible fuel sender
2) Install GM e85 sensor and fuel return line
3) Get a Kpro4 and new injectors????????????????????
4)Install Innovate wideband (I already have this been using it for 20 years the sensor is brand new)
5)Get a non turbo base tune going.

Turbo Stage:
1) Install the turbo kit
2) If possible use a small junkyard intercooler located where the air to water intercooler would end up going. If this isn’t possible then I might just spring for the air to water kit early
3) Get a very conservative base tune going with whatever the lowest amount of boost the waste gate will allow.

Transmission Stage: this is automatic now so what hurdles am I going to have?
1) procure CRV 5 Speed
2) Install necessary gears and LSD (hopefully just need 1st and 2nd and a different final drive but I need to do some research on this. I want a super long and strong 1st gear.
3) make a blocker plate to block off the drive shaft hole

AWD Stage:
1) I’ll do the rear control arms first
2) Then modify and mount the diff without axles
3) get the viscous coupler drive shaft and axles ready
4) put the drive shaft and axles in

Engine Stage: (probably 2 years from now unless I just do rods only on the current engine)
Depending on price I might just do rods pistons and hone on the K20 and toss a cheap but better head on it if that’s an option or I might buy something like a K24Z7 and replace the rods. I don’t really know… I have no interest in going over 500HP and when you pop the hood I want this thing to look like it came from the factory this way. I want it to be like Honda made a 300HP AWD Integra and I just upped the boost a little bit…

It has been my dream to do a 98-00 or 92-95 Civic Hatch AWD F/H2B unfortunately I let both my EGs and DC2 go for next to nothing when I bought my SRT4 back in 05! Still it’s been my dream to do something like this since the first AWD DC2 Integra was published in a magazine. The AWD and a little bit of power are what’s most important to me. I really don’t need a ton of HP in this car. Looking mostly stock is important too…it will probably be dropped about 1 inch with suspension that will keep the car from lifting the front end during a launch.

anything you guys can point out would be helpful…

figuring out the turbo install and the fuel management is first on the list!
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