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Yo K20! just got a few questions, my eyes hurt from thread searching all night long! so first what i have, second what i think i should be doing, third am i a retard?

1) 1993 honda del sol S sohc vtec,
2004 K24A4 Block

2) so Im trying to budget swap but won't stand for econo Ivtec
Talked to guy here, will be purchasing a used K24A2 head this week

What id like to do is swap pistons & rods for a set of K24A2
and pick up a 5 speed trans from an accord
::: ive gathered that the A4 harness i have is useless. i should be using a K24A1 harness correct? I have access to one from an 04 CRV, but its an automatic. does that matter?

Basically looking to get the Kseries in my car. I HAD these awesome plans of building a boostable K24/K20A2 swap. but i lost my job and have since taken a lower paying job. just tired of seeing this block.

Im pretty sure this setup would still :hammer: on any of the b16/b18 swaped cars around here. no one is doing anything big

3) Am i retarded?

the questions are mixed in there pretty good! i appreciate your input/opinions
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