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ok you have 2 options.

You can use the idler pulley out of the Ep3.

If you use the 4 pulley setup with the ep3 idler pulley
it will look like this

the part numbers for that are
the part numbers for the pulley are:

pulley 31190-PRA-000
bracket 31175-PRA-000
washer 31185-PCX-003
bolt 90031-PRA-000

belt 5070505 from kragen

your other choice is to use a 3 pulley setup without the idler pulley.

In that setup you have to use

belt from dayco MODEL 5070390 from advance auto parts

and a AEM pulley for the Civic Si Ep3 or RSX (The rsx set comes with 2 pulleys and the CIvic Si comes with one, the one you need so if you buy the AEM RSX set you will have an extra pulley you cannot use.

Here's how it looks


15,811 Posts
drhonda said:
Which setup is best?

With the larger alternator pulley, it will cause the altenator to make more revolutions, i don't see that being good for voltage output.

The top one looks like the way to go but more costly?

Are the belts easy to replace to say if you broke one in the middle of the road and needed to fix it fast.

Thinking allowed here, any other comments?

The 4 pulley setup might be a little bit cheaper

Here are some discounted prices from acura

pulley 31190-PRA-000 $23.78
bracket 31175-PRA-000 $42.04
washer 31185-PCX-003 $5.40
bolt 90031-PRA-000 $1.5

As far as the alternator revolutions....

I have to sleep on that :p
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