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P1259 code and cannot figure out why!

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I have a 2002 RSX type s (k20a2). I recently bent a valve so I replaced the valves and everything else that got damaged. After getting the motor put back together the shop I brought it to said everything checked out and I could come get it.. I pick it up and drive it about an hour or so back to my house.. I had not engaged vtec the entire time.. I get about 3 miles from my house and the CEL comes on and my car goes into limp mode.. I get it scanned and get a P1259.. I unplug my ecu to reset it take it down the street and crack vtec.. I left the next day to go back to the shop and again CEL comes on.. I plug in my kpro and cel comes on for P1259 so I clear it and then hit vtec and I noticed it feels like it cuts out almost during the engagement.. every time engaging vtec I eased into it I NEVER mashed the pedal.. Ive since then put my stock ecu in and switched out the entire solenoid, went and took it for a drive and had no vtec at all.. I drove it around to give it a chance to pick up a code and no CEL comes on just no vtec engages... I noticed before switching the solenoid vtec would only engage like 1-3 times before throwing the CEL and going into limp mode.. I’m super stuck on what it could be so ANY and ALL possible leads/advice is much appreciated
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Remove the vtec solenoid and make sure the screens are clear. Assuming they are clean, or you clean them and still have an issue, replace the oil pressure switch next to the solenoid.
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