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Hello Everyone ! I just got an Accord 2003 (CL7) for the family. Very satisfied with the car.

However, i got it scanned with an OBD II scanner, it returned the error code

(P0010 a camshaft position actuator circuit)

tried to clean the error code off the scanner but every time it came back. My mechanic said that it might be the VVT solenoid, luckily i had one lying around . I changed it and it returned the ""VTEC Solenoid Error Code" , i had a vtec solenoid with me as well so i changed that too.

Now the situation is that the scanner still gives P0010 error code, but it goes away when cleaned with the scanner and returns randomly after sometime.

The car runs / drives fine and gives good fuel average as well. My mechanic is saying to check or replace timing chain ? or get the oil pressure checked to see if the oil pump is failing ? . I am not exactly sure if he is right or not , since the car`s mileage is just 75000 kilometres

Any leads as to what should i do next ?
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